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Nav Haven Hospital Information, (Run by open)
 Posted: May 16 2015, 03:22 PM

Elite Member
On this bed I lay, losing everything.
I can see my life passing me by.
Was it all too much, or just not enough?
Wake me up, I'm living a nightmare!
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Haven Hospital

Owned by Character Name (player)


The best care around!

Location / Address

670 Grand Street / The center of town.


Once a small city clinic, Haven Hospital is now the only operational medical facility within miles. It's a 35-bed critical access acute care facility with a 24-hour emergency department, ambulance service, emergency air transport, medical and surgical services, obstetrics, general health care, and hospice with a 20-bed skilled nursing facility that was converted into sleeping quarters for the staff.

A section of the hospital quarantine has recently been outfitted with a center for disease study thanks to FOPA (Fungal Outbreak Protection Agency). They've derived a "cure" of sorts - an antifungal that has a 50% success rate when administered within the first 13 hours of infection. This new development has placed Haven Hospital in a great deal of danger.

Other Information

They have two "battle" ambulances - BAM and Buffy - which have been overhauled with machine guns, flame throwers, and more. They come to the rescue of any and all - even at the risk of themselves.

Residents / Employees

Blake Hawkins (Surgeon)

Brennan Reece (EMT)

Charelle Cassidy (Nurse)

Jonathan Virgil (Pharmacist)

Lily Reece (Daycare)


If the zombie apocalypse started in Vegas, would it stay in Vegas?
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