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Nav Winchester Tavern, (Run by Cole Reynolds)
Cole Reynolds
 Posted: Oct 18 2016, 02:11 PM

Winchester Owner
Pub Owner / Brew Master
Member Inventory: View

Winchester Tavern

Owned by Cole Reynolds (Sato)


Remember to tip your server, folks.

Address / Location

7713 Grand Ave. / On the east side of town next to Aspen Creek (#8 on Map)


A four-story building, the first floor is dedicated to the tavern. The hard wood floors are lined with old, beer-stained tiles. They allow smoking only when the windows are opened, otherwise there's a three-seasons deck out back that overlooks the lake they can allocate to. There are dozens of booths, a few long tables, and a dozen seats at the bar. Two pool tables, two dart boards, and a couple of slot machines are along the back wall. A jukebox sits on a small stage where space for a couple of performers can play as well.

And yes, there actually is a Winchester behind the bar. It's loaded, it works, and you can bet the staff know how to use it.

Other Information

Once an Irish pub, the owners left it behind when the apocalypse rolled through. The new owners came in, cleaned up, and made sure the locals had a place to come and hang out. They've rented out the top floors - though keep a couple of paired apartments for themselves.

Residents / Employees

Cole Reynolds - Owner

Erik Traven - Co-owner / Runner

Darcy Becker - Waitress / Runner


PM Email
Cole Reynolds
 Posted: Nov 8 2016, 02:31 PM

Winchester Owner
Pub Owner / Brew Master
Member Inventory: View

shop log

Items for Sale

General description of what's sold here.


  1. Beer (bottle) - 10 - Bottle. Ice cold. Varies by season.
  2. Water - 10 - Bottle. Ice cold.
  3. Wine - 10 - Glass. Red or white.
  4. Whiskey - 3 - Single shot.


  1. BBQ Pulled Pork - 20 - Served with cornbread and slaw.
  2. Buffalo Burger - cost - Served on pretzel bun with lettuce.
  3. Chicken Dinner - 25 - Comes with corn, stuffing, and dinner roll.
  4. Chips - 10 - Homemade regular or sweet potato.
  5. Cookie - 2 - Darcy's specialty is chocolate chip or oatmeal raisin.
  6. Pasta Dish - 15 - Red or white sauce, chicken or beef.
  7. Soup / Chili - 10 - Chicken noodle, beef barley, potato bacon, chili.
  8. Popcorn - 1 - Single bowl with salt and butter.


  1. Cigarettes - 50 - Pack. Fresh, hand-rolled.
  2. Single Room - 25 - One bed. One night. Free breakfast
  3. Double Room - 35 - Two beds. One night. Free breakfast
Mason 3 beers 30 notes
name item $ GP notes
name item $ GP notes
name item $ GP notes
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