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Nav Risky Business, (Marcus, Raphael, Tayla)
Marcus Wolveson
 Posted: Nov 26 2017, 02:53 PM

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July 22, 2019

The day was gorgeous, and for once, Marcus felt at ease. He stared toward the house, studying it for weaknesses. He didn't know how long he'd be gone, but he hoped it wouldn't be too long. He was leaving his mother behind with the others, but he never felt comfortable leaving her behind. With a sigh, he walked onto the porch and looked in, his gaze falling on Tayla. He studied her for a moment before he walked in and put a hand on her shoulder.

"You ready?" He asked, offering a light smirk before he picked up his pack and supplies. With one final look over his shoulder, he walked back out from the house and made his way over to the jeep. He threw the two bags and his guns into the back seat and left the door open, looking over to Tayla. He waited for her to load her things in as well before he closed it with a quiet thud.

Before they set off to the city, he paused and gestured to the side, motioning that they were ready to go. A small group of people made their way over to the vehicles parked in the drive. One could even mistake them for just going on a trip, possibly camping or hunting, seeing as they were loading a lot of guns. He smirked lightly and returned his gaze to Tayla. He knew they'd lose some of their members today; the real question was who?

Going into the city was always risky, and they all knew it. But, it had to be done. Today, they were headed out to Boulder, hoping to find some medicine for the sick ones they had in camp. He was worried about his mother in particular, since she had begun to act a bit sluggish as of lately. He hoped that maybe she just wasn't sleeping good or something. Pushing the thoughts away, he nodded one final time to Raph and got into the jeep and started the engine. Everyone followed suit, and soon the small area was humming with the rumbling engines before they pulled out, one by one, onto the road.

"Your first mistake was assuming I was one of the sheep."
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Tayla Caldwell
 Posted: Nov 26 2017, 03:58 PM

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"Ready, love." Nodding at her lover's question, Tayla offered him a solemn smile before turning and wishing his mother farewell. These trips into the cities were never easy, but with the summer months upon them, they needed to move quickly to take advantage of what time they had before winter rolled around again. Following Marcus out to the Jeep, she set her nearly empty pack on the floor and climbed inside - her rifle at her side and her handgun at her hip. She truly hoped she wouldn't need them, but with a nearly two-hour trip ahead of them into Boulder, there was always a chance.

Turning her head as she caught sight of Raphael and Tessa, Tayla was reminded of exactly why they were risking their lives. She owed everything to them. To Marcus for sticking by her and helping her take care of the people that came to them for aid. And to Raphael for bringing her sister and infant niece out of hell to safety. Leaving Tessa and her young daughter, Angel, behind with Marc's mother, she waved to them before hopping into her lover's truck and mentally preparing herself for what was to come.

Buckling up, she sat silently in the passenger side of the Jeep as they took the winding mountain roads up and around towards Estes. They had already gotten everything they could find in that small, tourist town. The Medical Center was stripped bare, and the shops on the main strip were completely bare by now. Boulder was far better than Denver, but there was a risk no matter where they went. With the small caravan in tow, they passed through Estes some forty-five minutes later, and wheeled on through carefully.

Thankful to make it out without interference, she jotted down on her small notebook the things that had changed since their last passing. There were other survivors out there, so it was good to keep track of how they were doing - even those from their allies in Haven. Following highway 34 until it turned into 36, they passed through Lyons and Altrona before finding a quiet place to hide their vehicles in Boulder. The Humane Society, Pharmacy, and Medical Center were all within a block of each other, so that would help a great deal.

"There." Tayla pointed out the spot she'd marked on the map - a forested part near Bear Creek where they could safely hide the vehicles while they "shopped". Getting her rifle ready, she waited for Marcus to stop before following the line of trees for movement. People would be hard-pressed to take on the team of ten, but that didn't mean they were impervious to harm. "The center first, then the pharmacy, then the Society - just like we planned. We'll follow your lead."
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