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Nav Reyna Derringer, Lawyer, Runner / Sisterhood
Reyna Derringer
 Posted: Jun 18 2015, 01:24 PM

Fresh Meat
Lawyer / Runner
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Full Name and Title

Reyna Marie Derringer

Age / Birthday

32 / December 24th


Amarillo, TX


Lawyer / Runner



RP Sample

First post please!

Face Claim

Milla Jovovich


Standing at 5'7 with long well toned muscular strong legs and curves to die for. Thanks to her lawyering days, she moves like a gazelle and kept her habit in check to be a silent runner for the sisterhood. She has wavy, dark auburn hair cropped short that brings out the colour of her hazel-blue eyes. Always seen with her weapons strapped to her body ever since the infection occurred. Usually wearing t-shirts, belt-like corset, leather jacket, boots and a gun holster to hold her weapons in place.


Almost a complete opposite to her sister. Reyna is cautious of everyone given how the world just went to hell plus her history of her boyfriend cheating on her. A fighter at heart and very protective of her sister and will tell Rowen to not get close to others so easily. She usually keeps to herself but will be nice when she needs to be to get the trade done. She is usually seen practicing on the punching bag or cleaning up the weapons but when it is down time, she loves a glass of wine and chocolate. Though with bad experience with her relationships, she still hopes to find the one.


Eldest daughter to a lawyer and trophy wife, she followed her father's footsteps and became a lawyer as well. Good thing she was pretty good at it and fell head over heels for one of the other lawyers at the same firm. She married him at the age of twenty-two and life was pretty much perfect until she found out that her husband wasn't the man he turned out to be. In fact, he had been cheating on her even before their marriage and only wanted to marry her due to her connections.

With horrible timing when her own marriage failed, her parent's marriage also had issues and were in the stages of divorce. Heart-broken and unable to handle her parent's situation, she packed up and left everything behind when her sister offered to help her. She went to help out at her sister's business, 'For Heaven's Cakes' and lived a simple quiet life together. Though there were at times arguments and such but thanks to the age difference and life experience they got along just fine.

When the outbreak occurred, they tried to keep the business running as long as possible but alas they had to leave that behind. They decided to head north and hopefully into Canada however while in Denver, the city was bombed and need to figure out their next plan.


Parents are currently MIA since she couldn't get a hold of them, so only Rowan is the only one left by her side. She has the sisterhood, and a crush on Sebastian.

Goals + Plots

Hopefully make it to Haven as she's agreed with her sister, stay alive with her sister, join the Sisterhood and become a runner with them, maybe find love in this hell hole


Appraise = 5

Balance = 2

Bluff = 3

Climb = 3

Combat = 3

Computer Use = 4

Concentration = 5

Cooking = 2

Diplomacy = 5

Drive = 5

Escape Artist = 3

Firearms = 5

Gather Information = 5

Hide = 3

Intimidate = 5

Investigate = 5

Jump = 2

Knowledge (law) = 5

Listen = 2

Move Silently = 3

Navigate = 3

Repair = 2

Research Information = 5

Search = 3

Sense Motive = 2

Sleight of Hand = 2

Spot = 3

Survival = 5

Swim = 2

Treat Injury = 1

Tumble = 2


Shirt - fitted black t-shirt, cotton corset

Pants - jeans

Coat - Black leather jacket with a hoodie

Shoes - Running Shoes









Pockets / Purse


cell phone


medical mask

matches x 50

tampons x 10



Rations - 5


duct tape



hygiene kit



walkie talkie


handgun - Glock 19 9mm




Player Name




Code Word

PM Email
 Posted: Dec 12 2017, 04:36 PM

Elite Member
On this bed I lay, losing everything.
I can see my life passing me by.
Was it all too much, or just not enough?
Wake me up, I'm living a nightmare!
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If the zombie apocalypse started in Vegas, would it stay in Vegas?
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