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Nav In The Beginning, (David, Xavier)
David Shafer
 Posted: Nov 27 2017, 01:02 PM

Fresh Meat
Head of Snow Safety
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August 29, 2018

It had been in the news all summer.

"Jungle Virus". "Gray Death". It was just another Swine Flu, another Ebola, something to feed the twenty-four hour news cycle... until it wasn't. A couple weeks ago it had started shutting down cities in Europe and China. Several bills came up in Congress to try to restrict travel, but fights over the President's own travel restrictions to middle eastern countries doomed them from the start. The same old infighting was preventing anything from getting done. Both sides called anything that they didn't agree with "Fake News", and claimed it was an attempt to distract the American People from whatever the scandal of the week was. The Presidents tweets were on the front page of the newspaper nearly every day.

Then in the morning, The President made an unannounced public address. As soon as David saw that stupid orange face on his tv, he knew this was something different. The President's normally quaffed hair was a mess, his tie was undone, and his eyes were bloodshot. He spoke in a slow monotone very different from his usual ramblings, making it clear he was reading from a script:

"My fellow Americans, by now you've all heard the distressing reports of the fungal infection known as Jungle Fever which is spreading through cities all over the world. I've been informed by doctors at the Center for Disease Control that they now consider the infection to be of pandemic scale. The vaccine released earlier this year, has proven to be ineffective as well have all current antibiotics. These doctors have assured me that several treatments are currently being tested which they believe will be more effective. However, at this time, they recommend that everyone stay in their homes as much as possible. If you or a family member suspects that they may be infected, dial 911 immediately. Care centers are being organized specifically to help those with the infection, and get them the help that they need.

I've also talked with all of the members of Congress and State Governors, and informed them that I am formally declaring a National State of Emergency."

Here he paused, and looked off camera as if looking for confirmation of what he was about to say next.

"The Governors and I have... we have decided to mobilize all State Guards, and... and to declare... to declare martial law in several metropolitan areas. This is a temporary measure to better facilitate the care of infected individuals, and to prevent further spread of infection. Again, the best thing to do now is to stay in your homes, and... pray. God bless the United States of Americ..."

He practically muttered the last line of his speech, and the feed abruptly cut off before he could even finish. This wasn't good. David quickly finished dressing, and left for work in a hurry. He knew something had to be done, but he wasn't quite sure what yet. He jumped in his truck, and drove from his cabin, up the narrow switch-backing trail to the top of The Overlook. It was still early, so none of the Maintenance Guys were in yet. He made a pot of coffee with the machine at the bar, and wondered if any of them would even be coming after seeing the news.

He stood staring out the window, sipping the black cup coffee when Xavier came in. He heard the door, and knew only Xavier would be here this early too, but didn't turn to greet him. He just looked down at Haven, his adopted home, and wondered what was going to happen next.
Xavier Solomon
 Posted: Nov 27 2017, 05:34 PM

Advanced Member
Ranger, Search & Rescue
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Warmed up and ready to take on the day, Xavier plucked the stick out of Stormy's mouth and tossed it off across the trails again as he made his way back to the Outlook. He and his brother, Alexander, had been living there for as long as he could remember, and now that their father was gone, there'd been no point in keeping the cabin. Bachelors for life - most likely, given the affairs of the world now - it didn't bother him in the least living as they did.

Opening the back door to the Outlook, he held it open and let Stormy rush in first before tending to her food dish and water bowl. Stripping off his hat, he hung it up on the hook and paused on his way through the kitchen. Someone else was around, and it likely wasn't Alex - he'd be making coffee down at the ranch. Resting his hand on the rifle slung over his shoulder, Xavier slowly made his way out into the main part of the Outlook's seating area and spotted David.

"Well you're in early, old man." Giving the old family friend a welcome, Xavier removed his rifle and went to rest it on the counter at the front before going to pour himself some water from the cooler behind the main desk. The solar panels kept the electricity there running no matter the conditions, and everything else had been converted to "running green" after that. Tossing back few long swallows, he came around to stand beside his employee and took in the view.

No matter how many times he looked down into that glacial-lake valley, he'd never tire of it's breath-taking beauty. The little town below had been growing swiftly as of late, and he could see the array of tents set up - from those brightly colored ones in the campgrounds to the stark white ones in the hospital's parking lot. There were still no reports of the infection, but it always helped to be prepared for the worst. "Better enjoy that coffee. Doesn't sound like supplies will be making it this week."

Smirking as he drank his water, Xavier's glacial blue eyes held little humor. In fact, he knew there was a storm brewing across the mountains, and the dread had been enough to keep him up most nights. A cornerstone of the town, the Solomons had been looked to for help, and damned if he would deny them anything. He was ready to give up just about anything to save the town, but there was a niggle in his soul that warned him of the repercussions of so much sacrifice. Not that it'd stop him, of course.

"The Mayor is arranging for a caravan to take the people out of the town. I doubt that's going over at all well with his wife, or half the town's people." He rarely had time to watch TV, but it had been on the news last night, and now people were scrambling to flee. He couldn't tell yet if it was for the best, or the worst. "There's reports of the outbreak reaching some pretty big cities in the south and east. I sure as hell hope it doesn't come this way."

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