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Nav Haven Map, ...and main locations
 Posted: Sep 18 2016, 04:09 PM

Elite Member
On this bed I lay, losing everything.
I can see my life passing me by.
Was it all too much, or just not enough?
Wake me up, I'm living a nightmare!
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#1 - Main Pass - This is a massive tunnel built just after the bridge over the river on HWY 34. This is the primary way into and out of Haven. It has been narrowed down to a single lane of passage in order to protect against attack - and is heavily guarded at all times. There is a massive detector that is able to track down the Gray Spore - should anyone attempt to bring it into Haven. There are also several quarantine tents beyond that, and plenty of armed soldiers to protect the barricade. To leave or enter, one MUST have a Security Clearance Badge.

#2 - Shadow Mountain Nature Center and Reserve - (Run by Alexander Solomon - 810 Bison Drive) The area is a natural center for wildlife, and has a museum and informational center. There is even a buffalo and mustang ranch that is securely guarded by a sniper and electric fence.

#3 - Shadow Mountain Lodge and Military Base - (Run by Hector Blackwood - 4760 HWY 30) While it used to be a ski lodge, as well as hotel, it has been taken over by the military as a home and base of operations. They have cut off the highway heading north for protection.

#4 - The Overlook - (Run by Xavier Solomon / 101 Elkridge Drive) - Once a spot for tourists to gaze out 360 degrees across the vast wilderness, it is now where the military sets up a watch over the area.

#5 - Sunset Campgrounds - (Run by OPEN - 101 Lakeside Drive)

#6 - [url=]Open[/url] -

#7 - [url=]Open[/url] -

#8 - Mayor's Mansion - (Owned by Serra Kendricks / ) A lovely 3-story, turn of the century historical mansion, the Mayor has opened it to refugees seeking aid.

#9 - Hospital and Clinic - (Run by OPEN / 670 Grand Street) Still fully functional, they rely on runners and military to keep them stocked up. There are emergency tents and quarantines in the parking lot.

#10 - Visitor Center and Ski Lift - (Run by OPEN / 1780 Crescent Drive)

#11 - The Crow Bar - (Run by Gavin Creed / 950 Grand Street) - Once a casino, hotel, and restaurant, the Crows have taken over to make it into a safe house.

#12 - Winchester Tavern - (Run by Cole Reynolds / 7713 Grand Ave) The old Irish Pub was taken over after the owner abandoned it, and now acts as a place for soldiers and civilians alike to kick back with a cold one.

#13 - Porter Estates and Vineyard - (Run by Valerie Porter / 1313 Cherry Creek Dr.) The Vineyard Estates hosts an array of features, such as a winery, brewery, and bed and breakfast. They have a small taphouse pub and wine tasting center, along with a small menu of foods grown on the estates themselves.

#14 - Sisterhood Church - (Run by Mercy Sutter / 2418 Crescent Drive) - A safe house for women and children only, they have become a part of the city's infrastructure.

#15 - [url=]Green's Golf Club[/url] - A nine-hole course, the greens have become a little wild as of late.

#16 - [url=]Open[/url] -

#17 - Jericho's Outpost - Located in the forest just south of town, this little cabin doubles as an outpost for many people's needs from goods to firearms.

#18 - [url=]Open[/url] -
#19 - [url=]Open[/url] -

#20 - Wolf Den - (Run by Marcus Wolveson / Reverends Ridge)

If the zombie apocalypse started in Vegas, would it stay in Vegas?
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