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Nav City Information
 Posted: May 24 2015, 05:18 PM

Elite Member
On this bed I lay, losing everything.
I can see my life passing me by.
Was it all too much, or just not enough?
Wake me up, I'm living a nightmare!
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Run by Mayor Serra Kendricks (Sato)


“We'd stared into the face of Death, and Death blinked first. You'd think that would make us feel brave and invincible. It didn't.”

Location Information

High mountains, north-west of Denver.

Elevation 8,691 feet.

Population - 6,616 (was 600)

Climate - Low humidity. Temps averaging from -15*F in the winter and 75*F in the summer with minimal fluxuation.

Natural Features - Snowbound Tunnel, Shadow Lake, Shadow Mountain, Aspen Creek, Cherry Pond, and Cascade Waterfall


Goldhaven was originally a small gold mining community in 1857. It was also a popular location for hunters and trappers. It wasn't until the Shadow Lodge and Nature Resort opened in 1901 that the town began to see some growth potential. Hikers, skiers, birdwatchers, and boaters all came to love the area and settled in. Soon, wealthy landowners began building their homes, and tourist traps were set up.

It was renamed Haven in 1919 when the gold mine finally closed. Goldpeak Hotel and Casino opened that same year and the town grew further. It's first newspaper was published in the weekly Haven Sentinel, and word reached the outside world that this little spot was ready for tourists and homesteaders alike. It survived the Great Depression, a myriad of floods and avalanches, and animal attacks.


When the 'Gray Death' came through, the population surge was largely due to the influx of people fleeing Denver. The mayor fled west with many survivors, so now his wife, Serra Kendricks, is in charge, along with Commander Hector Blackwood and Police Chief Franklin Biggs. The military showed up in late September - wary of the bombings about to take place on October 1st. A week later, the fence was put up. With their presence, there are weekly runs for things like solar panels, medical supplies, and much more.


A tall, electric fence was placed up and is monitored constantly with military patrols. To stem the flow of incomers and save their remaining residents, they had to bottle-neck the tunnel - caving in one side and setting up a fully armed and guarded road block within the other. There are spike strips, blockades, and more to keep out unsavory folk. New comers are relieved of their weapons, sit in a 24 hour quarantine, and enter a month-long trial period to get them back.

Those found to have cause will be given psychological evaluations and psychiatric screenings. There is also the opportunity for basic interrogations should the person be found hostile or untrustworthy. Those who pose a threat will be detained in prison, exiled, or exterminated by the lays of martial law.

Those with clearance must sign consent waivers - that allow for random check-ups, time in quarantine if under suspicion of infection, and must serve 20 hours community service per month. Anyone wishing to leave Haven - and get back in again - must have a clearance badge from either the Mayor, Police Chief, or Commander.


Serra Kendricks - Mayor (Sato)

Franklin Biggs - Sherriff (Adoptable)

Timothy Wedge - Deputy (Adoptable)

Xavier Solomon - Search and Rescue (Sato)

Dominick Barlow - Fire Fighter (Adoptable)


If the zombie apocalypse started in Vegas, would it stay in Vegas?
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