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"THE GRAY DEATH" - a deadly zombie-creating fungus - has spread across the world, killing nearly 90% of the population and reanimating many of their corpses. The remaining people have been forced to survive on the remnants of a desecrated land. Survivors fight each day to stave off ravenous zombies, deadly fungus, and war-mongering forces seeking their demise.

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Jenna Townsend
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James Devlin
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GRAVEROBBER -- New comers - please make sure you're reading the rules and registering with your player name first! Visit our discord or PM me if you have any questions. Thx.
SATO -- I'll be around for posting again now if anyone wants to plot!
SATO -- Well the ol' laptop is working again for now, but we're shopping around to find a new one yet!
SATO -- I know. I'm pretty ticked about it too. We're hitting up Best Buy soon so I'll be back in full once a new one is purchased.
RAM -- That's shit. Sorry to hear that, Sato. Hope to have you back, soon!
SATO -- Sorry for my absence - my laptop is officially dead. :(
GRAVEROBBER -- Welcome to the site, Stark!
STARK -- Thanks Sato, hope everyone had a wonderful holiday!
SATO -- Welcome, Stark!
CAITLIN -- Happy New Year, guys and gals!

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 Posted: May 14 2015, 02:08 PM

Elite Member
On this bed I lay, losing everything.
I can see my life passing me by.
Was it all too much, or just not enough?
Wake me up, I'm living a nightmare!
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...to survive the end of the world!


You survive by burning brighter than the fire around you.
Welcome! I'm Graverobber, the Head Admin and keeper of lost souls - so please come to me with any questions, concerns, or comments that you might have. Follow these ten easy steps if you want to survive this Time of Dying.

- Step One - Register Player Name in ALL CAPS

- Your character names will be registered regularly (First Last) to help differentiate the two account types on sight.

- No online handles or numbers. (ie: zombie123)

- No repeat first names. Repeat last names are reserved for relatives only (with player permission).

- No characters previously played or active elsewhere allowed. All new and original only!

- Step Two - Read the Site Information

- Important information includes: Rules, Site Plot, Timeline, The Gray Death, Zombies, & the Cure.

- ...and then reply to the PM you received from Graverobber with any questions or concerns you might have.

- Step Three - Avatar and Who's Who

- Use your Player account to upload your avatar and to fill in the Who's Who?.

- If you don't know how to resize your avatar picture or if you need help finding one, please PM Sato for help!

- Step Four - Character Concept

- Copy, fill out, and send in your Character Concept to Graverobber for approval.

- This is a good time to troll the Wanted Ads, PM Graverobber with any questions, and read up on some threads and Location Information.

- Step Five - Register Character Account

- Once your concept is approved, register your new account with the Character's First and Last name - properly capitalized and lower-cased - unlike your player name which was all caps.

- Step Six - Post Character Sheet

- Copy the Character Sheet Template and start a new thread in the Works In Progress board using their First and Last name for the Title, and their (Profession / Affiliation) in the Description.

- Do NOT deviate from the sheet template. The coding is set there for a reason. Use other approved sheets for a reference if need be. Keep it neat, keep it clean, and make sure to follow the guidelines.

- Make sure to have your Avatar Picture up and that it's been approved and to format size (160 wide x 260 tall).

- Step Seven - PM Graverobber

- PM Graverobber that you're ready for approval once the sheet is fully filled out. (Do NOT move on to the next steps until your character is stamped and approved!)

- Note that there may be a couple of changes! Fix them as they're given.

- Graverobber will then set up your accounts, stamp your sheet, and move it to the Active Survivors subforum when it's all done.

- Step Eight - Time to Shop!

- Make your Store Purchases using your Character Account Only! These need to match up with what is on your Character's Item Inventory on their Sheet.

- You begin play with 100 Credits per account - which means there is an additional bumper 100 in your player account that you can send to your characters for use.

- If you need something you cannot afford but your character would have started with those items due to location or job, see Extra Item Needs for more information.

- Step Nine - Fill Out Forms

- Fill out, post, and/or update the codes in the following sections - Skills and Rolls, Face Claims, Who's Who?, Directory and Security Clearance as well as Character Couples if applicable.

- If you're joining a GROUP, please reply to it so the owner can update their information.

- Step Ten - Follow Up

- Start your new thread in the location where the majority of your plot will take place with your Character Account. The first post of every thread must have the Starting Date IN GAME on the very top. Reply to the Timeline using the available code.

- To get players to join, feel free to post in the Wanted Ads board and/or PM the Players you would like to game with after reading their Character's sheets and threads.

- You also have the option of having a GM aided thread where rolls are made based on your characters' skills and the Infected Horde or Marauding Raiders come into play.[/i] (**Note that your character really can die during these threads!)

- Make sure to tag their Character Name in the Tag Box to the left!



- Keep an eye on the News and Updates as this will directly affect you and your characters - and will be updated frequently.

- If you want your character to have a shop or house, fill in the Location Information in the proper place after purchasing it from the Item Store.

- If you have your own site, please check with Graverobber for affiliation banner options, as we always offer our members a static location on the sidebar as a Sister Affiliate! Any questions, concerns, and comments should be brought to Graverobber immediately via PM. Don't be afraid of asking anything, even if you think it's dumb. It's better to know than not.

If the zombie apocalypse started in Vegas, would it stay in Vegas?
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